Welcome to Extender Setup

Welcome to Linksys wifi range Extender Setup:

Although the latter day routers generally has more than enough reach to fill an apartment or small area of our house with Wi-Fi.

Using a Linksys WiFi extender can help to fill in the gaps by taking your router’s existing Wifi signal and rebroadcasting a fresh signal that’s aimed home’s unconnected rannies.

Wifi Range extenders improves the signal strength for different purposes like smart TV streaming, gaming, mobile and laptop, iPhone or iPad.

Linksys Wi-Fi extenders are built to be easy to set up. The hardest part is choosing where to locate your booster.

How to Setup a Linksys Range Extender?

The extenders play an important role in overall connection setup as they are specially designed network devices that help overcome the issues of dead spots, present in the network. The same issues could be present their with the Linksys W-Fi system and for that we have Linksys Wi-Fi range extender which serves the same purpose. In fact, Linksys range extender amplifies the Wi-Fi signal coming from network router or access point before sharing it with the devices connected to it. This way, the strength of the signal increases and the penetration loss is minimized. It is the best way to provide stable and strong connection at every far end of the network and make Wi-Fi signal highly accessible.

Power on the extender device then establish the link between Linksys range extender and the device such as computer or laptop, with the help of either Ethernet cable. After that, open the browser and enter https://extenderlinksys.com in the address field and then enter the username and password for logging in. the default credentials are:

Username: – should have to be left blank
Password: – admin

Then click on Log in and click on Wireless and select Manual setup. Then enter the Network name and the password of your home network. Then click Save.

Linksys Extender Setup Using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Button

There is another way to setup the Linksys Wi-Fi range extender and that is by doing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Button. Under this process we primarily have two ways of doing it:

  • By physically pressing WPS button present on your extender.
  • With the help of web-based web-page i.e.


WPS button manual setup- Under this step, the user will need to do first is press the WPS button present on your extender and after that press WPS button of your router. After that a successful WPS connection will be established which is indicated by the LED light. Now connect to Linksys extender’s network using any device.

Web-page i.e. https://extenderlinksys.com  method- Then the user has to launch https://extenderlinksys.com setup page and login into the same using the default credentials which are:

Username: – should have to be left blank
Password: – admin

Then click on Log in and click on Wireless and select Manual setup. In the next step, the user has three options:

  • Press the WPS button and then click on the image shown on right.
  • Entering PIN number of the client device and then click on the register button.
  • Entering PIN number as shown on your client device.

Setup the Linksys Extender as Access Point

Basically, Access Point is a way of setting up the Linksys Extender as an Access point or router through which one can setup multiple Range Extenders. Yes, with access point once can setup multiple devices to the same unit. The steps to Setup the Linksys Extender as Access Point are as follows:

  • Check the Range Extender and make the slider button move towards the marked as side marked as the ACCESS POINT from the side marked as EXTENDER and towards the side marked as the ACCESS POINT.
  • Now, connect hard wires to the Linksys Range Extender and between the router’s LAN port.
  • Login into your extenders default setup page or type the “default IP address” of your Linksys Extender into the Address bar of your browser from your PC, laptop or cell phone, etc.
  • Once you are logged in it will take you to the setup wizard which will pop up the question “How you want to Setup this extender” “as a range extender” or as an “Access point “.
  • Choose the Access Point option then enter your Main Router’s password and then hit next.
  • Wait for 60 seconds after that it will secure connection with your router and the light on the Extender will turn solid green.

Now, your Linksys Range Extender has been Setup as an ACCESS POINT.

How to Change the Password on Linksys Extender ?

Linksys Extender Password not working or you have forgotten the Linksys Extender login information like the username or the Wi-Fi password, then there is a way to recover them. Then in this case, you can reset the device to restore all the default settings. For that, you need to press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds. This reset button is found on the bottom of the router. You can also setup a strong password for your Linksys extender.

Step1. Open a browser and enter “www.Extender.linksyscom” in the Address bar and hit Enter to access the login page.
Step2. Enter your administrative password.
Step3. Go to the wireless setting and there you can change the wireless password.
Sometimes, the obstacle in connection arises because you have accidentally turned on the airplane mode on your device. So, check that and make sure the device is connected to the Linksys Wi-Fi router properly. Sometimes, the cause of the problems is that the device is placed too far from the router or there are too many physical obstacles which are not letting a good connection to establish. This causes a fall in the connectivity and the kindle keeps losing internet. If you do not see the Wi-Fi connection in the list that means the device is not in range. To fix that bring it closer to the router. There could be multiple reasons for poor connectivity and we will help you fix all of them.